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Blaine 16 PA

I'm a brown haired brown eyed weenie head

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what are your vine names I want to follow you guys

who has a vine on here? I’ll follow my mutuals :):):)/)$/$2$222

we gave this little boy a leaf earlier and so he wanted to give it back to us but then he took it back AGAIN

Anonymous - sussurou:
damn it my bfs family has a beach house near myrtle and they are down there now and we should've gone but he had to work yesterday I'm so upset!!!

awww man! that sucks man! maybe some other time :)

Anonymous - sussurou:
do you think you will ever post singing vids?

some point in life yeah

everyone went up in groups of 4 to audition to one of the producers. I decided to sing a song I wrote to bring more to the table. the people she talked to personally passed the audition and moved on and she wanted to pass me but she said it would be better for me to come back next year to get stronger vocal chords. she said other than I want to pass you because you have great performing skills, a good looks and being so young im impressed with your songwriting abilities but please come back next year tougher and you will go far. I was the only person she talked to personally without passing them. I respect her professional criticism very much and I’m glad she saw my talent and what I’m capable of and that’s all that matters. everyone thought I passed because of all that lol. when I was going through the crowd of people, everyone was saying where’s your ticket?!! You deserved to pass! and this one old guy said go back, steal a ticket and RUN! haha but I’m gonna listen to what she told me and back stronger. I mean hey, I still got 12 more years to pass them lol

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dont forget us when u get rich n famous wtf

I’m not gonna be famous lol

long day waiting outside for my audition. I’ll tell you guys how it went tomorrow with more pictures and vids :)

Anonymous - sussurou:
when you get rich make sure to send me a couple milli

sorry mom