cook me rice

Blaine 16 PA

brown haired brown eyed weenie head

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Anonymous - sussurou:
Today i realized im a 100% gay

bc you realized how hot I am or

my mom is forcing me to shave my legs wtf it’s just hair chill tf out

Anonymous - sussurou:

lol ;p

Anonymous - sussurou:
oh my god, you're going to hate me for this but you remind me alot of Biaggio in 'Kings Of Summer' and i fucking love his character


I am so thankful to have the life I have. I hear a lot of people saying they hate themselves and hate their lives and I feel sorry for them bc even if you have crappy parents or broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend you still have this whole world to live out. Nature, animals, clothes, music, etc. they all sound like general and simple things but they are what I love most about this life. I want to cry bc of how much I love living.

last night I went out bowling with my sis at like 2am and when we were about to go to her place, there was a baby bullfrog in the middle of the parking lot, just chilling out like wtf I’ve never even seen one why is it here so I took it home in a bag of chips bc I has no where else to put it so I could let it free at this big park later. I didn’t have anything to put it in except the bathtub. sometime in the night my sisters wife got up and used the bathroom and left the door open holy tits so now it’s no where to be found in this little ass apartment wtf and my sister went to shower and the water won’t go down the drain so we’re thinking it went down the drain lmao this is so sad so it isn’t lmao but there’s nothing to do but either lmao or cry but I don’t have the energy to cry so lmao

Anonymous - sussurou:
wait what, i always thought you were a boy bc omg you are hot!