cook me rice

Blaine 16 PA

I'm a brown haired brown eyed weenie head

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I love how cut up strawberry looks like a vsgina :))))

can someone please buy this if I give them my address I’m serious rn

Anonymous - sussurou:
Hey just a quick like thing to say, apparently most stoners and junkies find it really annoying when you talk about getting high, idk why. I'm not one but I have a friend who told me and I was like shit i would be such an annoying pot head if I hadn't known. Like you don't have to answer this, I was just tryna help a brotha out if y'all tryin to impress a certain group of people... But if you don't care bout them or you just gonna do you then that's all good, personally I love posts about weed

I don’t find it annoying? I was just curious so I did it with my gf. I also have migraines and scoliosis so I wanted to see how that helped out with doing weed and I didn’t feel any pain in my head or back it was amazing.

I got high today and holy Zeus dude I found god I was born into the sun I couldn’t stop looking at it it was wonderful

weed weed weed I don’t wanna go to Mexico no mo mo mo

"those who criticize our generation forget who raised it"

f word the po-PO am I right?-29&!


Press play and enjoy fuckers.


FDNY members doing rescue and recovery work in the days following Sept. 11, 2001.